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Beef Breeder Mineral

Your Complete Mineral for Beef Animals

  • Beef cattle require a number of minerals for optimal growth and reproduction. Selecting the correct mineral supplement is important for maintaining healthy animals, and optimal growth and reproduction

  • Made with organic trace minerals

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'LengenDAIRY' Bull Supp

A Complete Supplement for Dairy Bulls

  • Fortified with Celmax ® and proper vitamin and mineral levels to ensure optimal health and performance

  • Specially formulated for maximum sperm motility

  • Provides all essential nutrients and protein for body condition and muscle maintainace

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'LengenDAIRY' Calf Starter

Featured Item

  • Contains organic trace minerals to
    maximize immune health and bone development

  • Promotes healthy rumen development through a proper blend of fiber and protein

  • Ensures optimal growth and successful weaning

  • Fortified with Celmax®, vitamins, and mineral

    that young calves need

  • Highly palatable to encourage consumption for a

    swift start

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Rumen Care

The Rumen Care Supplement contains live yeast cells, a prebiotic, and probiotic to cover all aspects of gut health. Rumen Care, as part of your complete feed program can:

• Stabilize the gut microbiota and rumen pH
• Address winter dysentery and oxidative stress
• Optimize the digestibility of all quality of forages • Protect from molds and toxins
• Aid in nutrient utilization

of supporting overall performance

Rumen Care is a cost-effective means of supporting overall performance

• Can be added to any diet
• Designed for every animal with a Rumen • Boosts immune function
• Contains antioxidants



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